Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding- and no, I’m not calling you a rude name. Ha! It’s a form of wrapping your torso postpartum! Who doesn’t want to learn more about how to help your body in the very sacred and vulnerable postpartum period?! Keep on reading to find out how and why you should!

Why postpartum belly binding?

When you’re pregnant, your body is producing an abundance of a hormone known as relaxin. Relaxin is what helps your body loosen and create space for the baby as it prepares for birth. Once you give birth, whether that be a vaginal or belly birth, relaxin is still very present. Binding your belly postpartum can help utilize this hormone and bring everything together as it should. Remember, just because baby is now earth side does not mean your body isn’t still undergoing amazing transformation! Your vital organs are trying to return to their pre pregnancy shape and size, your muscles, especially your abdominal muscles, are coming together, your ligaments are still loose and could use some support, as well as your torso and back!  Don’t worry! Bengkung binding has your back, mama! Bengkung binding, from what I’ve found, is most recommended when compared to other binders as the bind conforms to your transforming body’s natural shape and size, which looks vastly different from mother to mother. Plus they’re beautiful!

What is it?

Bengkung binding is done with a long piece of material, usually cotton. It is wrapped snug about the torso of the freshly postpartum mama to assist in overall postpartum recovery.

What are the benefits?

Some benefits include:

  •  repairing diastasis recti (a condition where the abdominal muscles separate significantly)
  • pelvic floor support (whether you birthed vaginally or not, you still need pelvic support and care!)
  • back and torso support (you’ll thank your lucky stars for some extra back & torso support at 3 am when you’re nursing for the hundredth time!)
  • can help minimize postpartum flow 
  • assisting your body’s insides to return to their pre pregnancy state

Is it hard to do?

Hard? No. Slightly time consuming? Yes. I recommend getting a bengkung binder BEFORE birth. This allows you time to practice binding yourself and/or have the person who will be wrapping you how to do it. You can bind yourself or have someone else bind you. (My sweet husband has been helping me!) This video below should help!

When can I bind?

Whenever you feel you want some added support! Personally, I started binding the day after I gave birth. I know some women like to do it immediately while others like to wait a week. Belly birth mama’s, you may or may not want to wait until your (beautiful) scar is healed some. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

Where can I purchase a binder?

There are so many talented artisans out there who sell these! I bought mine from The Art of Wellness Etsy Shop. Her communication was great and her shipping was prompt. I opted to get her Bengkung Postpartum Set, however, she has many options!

Personal experience:

I have loved binding postpartum. I feel it has truly helped aid my healing. I feel much more supported when I wear it vs when I don’t and have noticed my postpartum bleeding increases when I don’t wear it. I don’t see myself not wrapping postpartum ever again and wish I would’ve done it with my first! Physically, recovery has felt much better!


Did you bind postpartum or would you want to?! Let me know in the comments or shoot me any questions you might have! I’m no wrapping expert but would love to help if I could!


Blessings, xo







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