Real Postpartum: Documenting postpartum through photography


A sacred, honorable, transformative time. Mother is learning how to be a mama for the first, or seventh time. Baby is learning its mother and of life outside the womb.

Use this time to honor your body for what it has done. It has carried and sustained life. You nourished your baby inside your womb- truly assisted God in a miracle. You birthed your baby with strength and love, whether from your vagina or belly. You, mama, are a goddess. Honor your body exactly where it is at. Learn to say “YES” to what your body is right now- a temple. a safe haven. a refuge. 

Whether you’re one day postpartum, one week postpartum, or one year postpartum, document the mother-baby bond that is so unique between your child and you. Time is a thief, and these moments are fleeting, so don’t wait.

This collection is full of raw, intimate moments between you and your child. Partners and other children are welcome to join, too. These photos will be a documentation of all the moments that make up the early stages of motherhood- from stretched skin and leaking, milk filled breasts while your baby nuzzles, to soft newborn snuggles and the power your body, as a mother, possesses. Whatever your Real Postpartum looks like, it deserves to be documented.

To book your real postpartum session, please email

Go on, love yourself. You deserve it.




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