Dolls for a Cause: Helping Kids with Cancer

What if there was a doll designed specifically for children who are sick and undergoing chemotherapy? A doll that looks like they do, whether it means the doll is bald, has a med port, scars, or all three… I introduce to you, Block Party by Momo! A brand who’s mission is to do just that!

First, let me introduce to you your friendly doll-maker, Erica! Erica is the creator and owner of Block Party by Momo (you can find out where Erica got this name from in her blog here!). She has been knitting and sewing her whole life, and learned to spin yarn in college! She crafted her first dolls as a Christmas gifts for her own daughters, Stella and Abigail, when they were just two years old. From there, her love for doll making blossomed!

Stella was diagnosed with cancer not long after this. Erica, knowing that her daughter would be undergoing chemotherapy and other operations, wanted to make Stella a doll that she could bond with, one that came with a bald head, a med port, and all! It wasn’t until after Stella’s own hair fell out that she formed a deep bond with her doll, and now, the two are inseparable!

Block Party by Momo is hoping to create and donate dolls to children undergoing chemotherapy that looks like them. Whether it be scars, ports, or no hair. With your help through a purchase of a doll, she is able to buy more supplies needed to donate dolls to these sweet children!

These wool dolls come with personality, uniqueness, and are always test hugged by Erica’s own daughters, Stella and Abigail, before they make their way to their forever homes!

I can say first hand that my own daughters love their doll, Camas, and she is such a wonderful fit to our family! I look forward to owning more of Block Party by Momo’s creations – these dolls support such a deep and meaningful cause!

To find out more about Block Party by Momo, visit their Etsy site, their Instagram, or their blog! And here you can find a donation that Erica has set up that benefits St. Jude’s Research.

As always, love light and blessings!

Xo, Ashley


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